The world of work has changed from being linear and a young person can now expect to change jobs 17 times in their lifetime. Something has to change in our education system to equip young people with the skills they need. That is where Useful Link steps in.


Since 2016 we have been giving young people the keys to adulting. We run workshops in schools, creating spaces for young people to build the transferable skills they need to navigate the world of work. Our workshops are practical, run by young people therefore making them relatable, interactive and allow students to build their skills working on projects that are important to them. The workshops help students explore their strengths and how they can use those to build on the skills they need for work.

meet our Team


Lorraine Ngwenya is the Founder of Useful Link. She has learnt from personal experience the difficulties of being unemployed. She has had to forge her own way and create her own opportunities. She hopes to impart those skills on young people all over Australia. She believes they have many challenges that face them and it is her goal to help as many young people be ready for the future of work and take hold of their own paths. She is invested in being a part of the conversation and work around changing our education system to reflect where the workplace is headed. She is a lover of food, adventure and people.

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Gladys serugga

Gladys is one of our Program Presenters and has been passionate about the community and particularly empowering youth from a very young age. Since establishing a forum of discussion for young people in 2016, to hearing the stories of inspiring individuals in the community, she is a firm believer that education is one very powerful tool in combating our everyday challenges. Aside from travelling and reading a good biography, you can find Gladys seated by the nearest grand piano, or holding an awesome conversation in any networking setting.



Sukhmani is one of our Program Presenters. She’s a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts student at the University of Melbourne. She has worked with young people over the last few years tutoring as well as presenting in schools. She loves philosophy, economics, and being outdoors. A lot of people roast her for her usual Subway order, but she’s proud of who she is (Italian herbs and cheese toasted, no cheese, no meat, all the salads apart from tomatoes and olives, extra jalapenos, hot sauce and sweet onion; if you were interested)