Workshops Overview

The world of work has changed significantly over the years and it now requires young people to have transferable skills; as young people are now expected to change jobs 17 times in their lifetime. Our workshops use a “show not tell” approach, equipping students with skills such as problem solving, team work, public speaking, communication and so many more. Workshops can be tailored to meet each schools needs and desired outcomes. We are invested in equipping each student with a toolkit to self navigate the future of work, implementing it throughout their career.

Each workshop requires:

Minimum 20 students

Adequate staff assistance

A projector that can be controlled from the front of room


Year 7-12 | Full Day | 60 students | Cost $2700


This workshop is about students taking ownership of their learning and growing their transferable skills; while solving a problem within the school. Running for the whole day, this package gives the students a chance to learn skills like creativity, collaboration and how to effectively communication their ideas.

This is a combination of our workshops and it has become our most popular and cost effective format.


Get to know me

Year 7-12 | 90 mins | 60 Students

This workshop is about students taking time to use a strength based approach to know themselves better. We help them discover their skills through a range of reflective and active challenges and help them work on how to build more skills for the future of work.


Speak up

Year 7-12 | 90 mins | 40 Students

This workshop is about helping students with communication. It helps students learn how to be better public speakers and how to use storytelling to engage their audience. They learn how to get anyone on board with their ideas and values.



Year 7-12 | 120mins | 60 Students

This workshop gives students the chance to develop problem solving skills by being involved in the solution for an issue that the school is facing. It also teaches students how to collaborate with their peers and teachers, becoming proactive change-makers.