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Our Founder, Lorraine Ngwenya is a well sought after speaker, panelist and facilitator; connecting well with different audiences. She has spoken at education conferences, youth events and school assemblies. Lorraine struggled with unemployment after finishing her undergraduate Public Health degree and knows too well the difficulties facing young people who are not equipped for employment. She decided to focus her Masters in Community Development on learning more about youth participation and unemployment. She wants to be a part of the solution and therefore has dedicated her life to being involved in equipping young people for the world of work; ensuring to help them navigate the changing work climate.



Lorraine gives careers talks at schools to parents, students and teachers. She also speaks at different conferences on topics such as the future of work & young people; and how the education system can make changes to equip students in school.

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Lorraine is an experienced panelist & facilitator. She has facilitated and spoken on panels at different national conferences, on the future of work and education. She keeps audiences engaged and creates good energy for a great discussion.

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